What to Expect

What to Expect

If you’ve never been to church before, or haven’t been for a while, we understand that it can be a bit daunting.  We want you to feel right at home — even before you arrive!  Below, we’ve tried to put you at ease by answering some of the more common questions.

Where Do I Sit?

You can sit pretty much where you like.  There is no reserved seating in our church, and if you want to initially keep a low profile and sit near the back, that’s just fine.  If you’re very enthusiastic, don’t want to miss anything and sit on the front row, we’re totally OK with that too!

Hard of hearing?  For those who use a hearing aid, we have a loop amplifier installed as part of the PA system.  Just switch your hearing aid to the “T” position to connect to the loop.  Some people find that they get a better signal near the middle of the auditorium.  Others insist that they get a better signal round the edge of the seating area.  Just go with what works for you.

Is There Anything for the Children?

Yes, absolutely!  Godzone is what we call our children’s groups.  Godzone is available during our 10:45am communion services (first Sunday of the month) or during our 11:15am Contemporary Worship services.  Our children’s groups look like this:

  • Crèche – The crèche is for 0-3’s and is located upstairs in our back hall (the “Garage Annexe”).  It’s run by experienced leaders , at least one of whom will have been DBS checked.   Drink and plain biscuits are provided. You are welcome to stay with your child, or you can return to the service once he/she is settled, as long as we have enough adults available.
  • Scramblers – For 3-5 year olds, approximately. (Individual child’s needs are taken into account when it’s time to move on).
  • Explorers – For 6-11 year olds.
  • Quest – for 11-16’s.

In all our groups, we try to ensure that children enjoy learning about God, Jesus and the Bible, with stories, games, craft, and drama.  Each group has a teacher (DBS checked) and a helper. Every child is registered and we keep a record of allergies, special needs, etc., so as to ensure that your child is 
well cared for.

What are your services like?

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  • How long are they?
  • What is your style of worship?
  • What is typical attire?

You may want to insert a photo tour or produce a short welcome video (click for tips). See the example below from Josh Byers. Let your pastor say a word and/or give a quick Sunday morning tour. It’s not absolutely necessary to have a video (a page with words and a photo or two is good) but it can give the website visitor a very real idea of what they’ll be stepping into.



An alternative is to include these details on your services or location page. Read Content Your Church Website Must Have on the churchthemes.com blog for tips.